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Lawyer for Modification of Divorce Orders

There are many circumstances that require a modification of a previous court order or agreement. Some of the most common modifications occur on child custody, child support or spousal support. As life circumstances change individuals may need to relocate, change occupations or move closer to family. Changes in income through loss of employment can require a modification of a court order, as the order is no longer able to be complied with. In other cases, the children of a marriage may need more support due to medical conditions, education or other vital issue. These circumstances, as well as many others, may warrant a modification. A knowledgeable divorce lawyer from our firm, can assist you in seeking a modification of an existing court order. We are well-versed in California family law and have assisted many clients through the modification process.

Representation for Post-Divorce Modifications

Applying for a modification is a very important step in your life and you need to make sure your rights and best interests are protected.

Our law firm is qualified to represent you in the following modification cases:

  • Modification to child support-you may need to change part of a child support agreement. The amount paid or how it will be paid are just a few examples of common modifications.
  • Modification to spousal support agreements-changes in circumstances may make it necessary to modify an earlier court order, such as when a former spouse remarries or changes in income through employment.
  • Modification to child custody-you may wish to increase your custody rights or reduce them. Parents may need to relocate for various reasons and the visitation rights can be modified based upon the circumstances in your individual case.

Regardless of modification type, our law firm can help you. We can pursue a negotiation with the other parent and attempt to reach an agreement out of court to then have finalized legally. It is crucial that you have any changes to an existing court order changed with the court, as even if both parties agree with the changes, there can be future problems should the relationship deteriorate in some way, and you will be held to terms of the existing order, leading to potential serious trouble.

We always put our client's best interests first. Obtaining a modification can make your life much easier as it may allow you to see your child more, reorganize payments or further your career through relocation. Each case is unique and should be addressed by a skilled attorney that has experience and a long history of successful representation in family law issues. Our attorney can assist you and evaluate your case and advise you what could be expected under state law.

Contact a divorce attorney if you need to obtain a modification to your child support, spousal support of child custody.

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