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Division of Assets in , CA

Understanding Division of Assets in a Divorce Proceeding

Asset division is a critical part of the divorce process that occurs when a married couple is dissolving the marriage, and in many cases they cannot come to any solution that is agreeable to both parties. In this situation, the issue of asset division may be brought before a family court so that a judge can make inform ed decisions this critical issue in a divorce. This can be a time-consuming process depending on the quantity of assets or complexity of ownership between spouses, and it is advised that you immediately seek the services of an experienced divorce lawyer who is familiar with the steps required to get results.

There is an important distinction that must be made between marital property and non-marital property. It is critical for those who are undergoing asset division to understand which of their items will automatically go to them, and which items they may have to fight for. Marital assets include all items that were purchased by both spouses, in addition to those assets that may be under the official ownership of one spouse but were paid for by both. Non-marital assets are generally regarded as gifts or assets that have been paid for solely by the spouse who claims ownership. The issue of sole ownership can be very complicated in some cases, and a thorough evaluation of the situation should be undertaken to help you understand what you could expect with regard to asset division if considering divorce

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The legal team at , believes in providing expert asset division services to all clients throughout , , and . Our firm also firmly believes that in order to truly understand which assets you may have a right to, you must also understand the legal support for your position. We rely on a combined 100 years of experience in successful family law representation as well as strategies for success in asset division that ha ve been proven, time and time again, to get results. Our energetic effort to support our clients' objectives in asset division sets us apart from other firms. invites you to contact us to discuss your case.

Contact a divorce attorney if you are preparing to enter the divorce process and have questions about how your marital assets will be divided.

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