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Why is family law important?

Family law is an important aspect of the legal system in that it deals specifically with disputes that exist in families such as divorce and division of assets, child custody, child support, paternity fathers' rights and others. If these disputes cannot be resolved outside of court, then the issue may be raised in family court so that a judge can decide the best course of action.

What if a divorce is uncontested?

Divorce proceedings are not always stressful, frustrating or traumatic. Many spouses make the mutual decision to enter into divorce proceedings for many reasons, and often agree on most points. In some cases, however, there are unreasonable demands or contentious issues. Vindictive behavior and legal problems can be part of the process, and one party may hold to unreasonable demands. When it is impossible to resolve the crucial issues through negotiations, it could be necessary to take the case to court for judgment. Our divorce attorney can assist with an uncontested divorce or could present a compelling and well-researched case in court when this is the best option for our client.

How does family law impact children of a divorce?

Despite the fact that divorcing spouses are making a significant change in their lives by legally ending their marital relationship, the rights of children must be protected as well. In cases where parents are in conflict with regard to child custody, visitation and other rights, the quality of your attorney and their commitment to pursuing your objectives for your children is a crucial matter. Children are always impacted by divorce, and protecting their interests and future is a real concern.

How do I choose a divorce lawyer?

When you need an attorney to represent your interests in divorce, their degree of experience is a critical matter. At our firm, we have almost 100 years of combined legal experience and have served the community in uncontested divorce, high net worth divorces, divorce litigation and have garnered a reputation for professional legal representation throughout the community. The outcome of a divorce case will affect both you and your children for years into the future, and ensuring that you have a professional, trusted firm representing your interests and protecting your rights can make the difference with regard to the outcome in spousal support, child custody, visitation, division of assets and other matters.

How can your firm help me in a family law matter?

Herrig & Vogt LLP, Attorneys at Law have almost 100 years of combined experience in representing the needs of clients who seek support with legal matters associated with divorce and child custody as well as in litigation for estates and for conservatorship for family members who cannot legally be responsible for themselves. Our firm prides itself on our high level of focus , legal skill and dedication for our clients, and we have seen consistent victories in court as a result.

Contact a divorce lawyer from our firm today if you are engaged in divorce proceedings or wish to settle a dispute concerning children of a divorce, and would like help from a trusted legal firm.

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