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Visitation Lawyer Serving in Roseville, CA

Protecting Your Right to Access Your Children

California law protects the rights of parents to reasonable visitation. This can be a contentious matter in divorce, and a variety of problems can arise that must be addressed with the help of a Roseville divorce lawyer. When one parent fails to comply with a court order regarding visitation, it may be necessary to take legal action against them and get the issue resolved with court intervention. In divorce, it is crucial that you have quality legal counsel that will move forward to protect your rights as a parent, and negotiate with the opposing attorney so that you have the opportunity to share time with your children.

Under California law, §3100, the court are required to ensure that a parent has "frequent and continuing contact" with their parents. The court makes these decisions based upon the facts presented, and our legal team at Herrig & Vogt, LLP takes on the duty of protecting parental rights with conviction and skill. When a divorce is in process, we evaluate every aspect of the situation so that we can present your case professionally. The courts have discretion in how they may decide how the visitation will be arranged, and their focus is on the child's best interests. When there is danger to the children, such as in cases of criminal activity, drug or alcohol problems or other issues, these are taken into consideration by the court.

Let Us Help You With Your Visitation Issue

If you have not been allowed visitation, or are continually running into problems, including a child refusing to spend time with the other parent, this should be addressed with the assistance of an attorney familiar with all state law and current case law regarding visitation. No matter what your visitation issue is, you can feel confident that we can help you address it and get it resolved. With almost 100 years of combined experience, our legal team has the knowledge and experience to represent those who are facing legal issues regarding visitation.

Contact a Roseville visitation attorney from our firm for help in any matter regarding child visitation.

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