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Legal issues regarding spousal support arise in family court most often as a part of divorce proceedings, where one spouse has grown financially dependent on the other and will not be able to support themselves independently at the level they enjoyed during the marriage . Through the legal process, a dependent spouse may be entitled to receive financial support to maintain the same or similar standard of living. It is important to enlist the services of a skilled divorce lawyer in order to pursue a favorable court decision.

When a spousal support issues is brought before a family court, a judge considers all available information such as the ability of the spouse to make their own living, the extent to which a spouse may pay support without creating their own financial hardships, the lifestyle that both spouses had enjoyed during the life of the marriage, and other factors like the length of the marriage, age of the spouse and medical issues, if any exist. It can be difficult to make an appropriate determination as to how much a person may receive or pay in spousal support, because every scenario is unique and thus will be decided individually. How your case is presented in court can be crucial in any alimony or spousal support issue.

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have a deep knowledge and understanding of spousal support formulas in California, and have worked to provide many clients with strong and organized strategies for success in court. Our firm focuses on building compelling arguments for our clients, and we do not rest until every option is explored to assist in achieving the objectives of our clients. Our dedicated team of lawyers, paralegals and other staff take great pride in their high quality services with regard to spousal support and other divorce matters, and we are advocates for your interests, and move forward to find a positive resolution through negotiations, or in litigation in court when necessary.

Do not hesitate to contact a spousal support lawyer if you are engaged in the divorce process and are pursuing spousal support.

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