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Settlement Agreements

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When your divorce case settles, you will need an attorney to prepare a Martial Settlement Agreement, or a Stipulated Judgment that contains each and every term of your divorce settlement. Every issue that you and your spouse have faced, such as property division, custody, and child/spousal support, must be discussed in the document. Both you and your spouse must sign the agreement, and then submit it to the court for a judge's approval and signature. Generally, one spouse's attorney will prepare the settlement agreement, while the other spouse's attorney will review, change, and accept the document. It is important to choose an experienced divorce attorney to draft the final settlement agreement, to ensure that it is created properly.

Information about Settlement Agreements in California

It is imperative that you understand all of the terms in the settlement agreement prior to signing the document. Always ask your attorney questions if you are confused about the language, and do not settle with the terms until you are comfortable with what the settlement agreement states. Some terms may be carried out immediately, such as the transfer of certain assets and property. Other terms may be ongoing, but only for a limited period of time. For example, a spouse may be held responsible for paying a specific debt, but may only be held accountable for the debt until it has been paid in full. If necessary, there may be ongoing and unlimited terms that are subject to change.

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