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In past years, mothers were often given primary custody of their children and it was assumed that they would better care for the children of a marriage. Times have changed, and fathers have the same rights under the law as mothers. Even so, it can be necessary to protect these rights, particularly in cases in which a child is born and the paternity of the child is in question. It is automatically assumed that the husband is the father when a baby is born to married parents. When there is no legal relationship, such as in cases of the birth of a child to an unmarried mother, the father may have to take a paternity test to gain legal access to their child.

If paternity is established through testing, then the father is able to pursue his parental rights, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Arrange custody agreement to see their child
  • Actively participate in decisions regarding the child's education, religion and healthcare
  • Protest the other parent's request to relocate to a new location
  • Pursue modification to child support, child custody and spousal support

If you need to take a paternity test or take legal action to protect your rights as a father, you can get assistance by contacting a divorce lawyer.

Representation for Your Paternity or Fathers' Rights Case

Protecting your rights as a father can be a crucial issue in many cases. The mother may not want to share custody, and may not have named a father when the child was born. We can help you establish paternity through either a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity or a DNA test. A Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity is a document that could be signed after the birth of the child when the parents are domestic partners and unmarried. If the mother of your child is providing unreasonable obstacles, we can negotiate or take legal action on your behalf. The establishment of paternity through genetic testing can be necessary to get the issue resolved through the court.

An experienced lawyer from our firm can help you establish paternity and your rights as a father in court. Our legal team has almost 100 years of combined legal experience and is very familiar with the legal processes necessary in protecting father's rights, paternity and other crucial issues surrounding child custody, child support and visitation. We have helped many fathers establish their paternity and gain the right to access to a child. Choosing is the right choice for your paternity or to protect your rights as a father.

If you need to establish paternity or need help with fathers' rights then you should contact a fathers' rights lawyer to review your case.

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