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Estate Litigation Lawyer in , CA

Estate matters are extremely important. They involve the fruits of one's labors and an entire lifetime of hard work that went into building an estate. When a person dies, it is of the highest importance to honor their wishes; however, there are times when things can go terribly awry that may require estate litigation.

Disputes can arise at a number of points during probate, or during the administration of an estate or a trust. These disputes can occur between beneficiaries, or there can be conflict between trustees or executors and beneficiaries. When these disputes cannot resolve themselves, it is not uncommon for them to lead to litigation. If you are experiencing a conflict with an estate, a family law attorney will be able to provide you with the advice you need to proceed forward.

Why estate litigation?

Estates and trusts can often times involve a significant amount of money and precious photographs and heirlooms, all of which are very important to family members and loved ones. Just because people are related, or because they were close to a loved one does not meant they get along or agree on how an estate should be divided.

Sometimes estate conflicts can be predicted or anticipated by the beneficiaries before an estate goes into probate, where at other times conflicts arise unexpectedly. It's unfortunate that many families are affected by such disagreements, but it happens all the time. Some cases may be brought against a trustee or an executor, whereas others may involve contesting a trust or contesting a will. Often times when family members are contesting a will, their conflict is based on disagreements within the family or disagreements over the inheritance.

Estate Litigation You Can Trust

At , our legal team can represent beneficiaries, executors, trustees, conservators and administrators in estate litigation. With over 100 years combined legal experience, we can represent your best interests in a caring and professional manner. We understand how estate matters are not only important, but time sensitive.

We will provide you with unrelenting and dedicated representation, all the while protecting your legal rights. Our firm prides itself on its attention to detail, as well as our dedicated efforts to our clients. We are proud to serve the residents of and the surrounding areas. Please contact an attorney from our firm to schedule your initial consultation.

If you are facing a legal issue with an estate matter, contact a estate litigation attorney from the firm today!

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