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Grandparents' Rights Attorney

What rights do grandparents have regarding their grandchildren?

There are many different situations that may arise throughout life where grandparents lose access to their grandchildren as they may not be aware of their rights under state law. In cases of divorce where the non-custodial parent has relinquished all rights, for example, biological grandparents may face the prospect of never seeing their grandchildren again. Additionally, there are a significant number of households in California that consist of grandparents and grandchildren, with the parents unable to provide an adequate level of responsible parenting. Concerned grandparents who wish to exercise the right of access to their grandchildren should strongly consider hiring a seasoned divorce lawyer with who can help you achieve your goals in court.

Whatever the reason, a parent may sometimes wish to restrict or eliminate access to their children by the grandparents. While it is often thought that parents have every right to make these decisions that may not always be the case. One of the most important factors that may play a role in granting grandparents rights is the level of involvement the grandparent had on the child's upbringing before ties were severed. If it can be proven that the presence of the grandparent may be instrumental in the positive upbringing of a child, then the court may have additional consideration for them.

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The rights of grandparents regarding their grandchildren may vary from situation to situation, depending on the custodial parent making the decisions, the role of the grandparent, step parents with sole custody and even situations where the grandchild has been adopted by another person who has assumed the legal right of responsibility. deeply value the role of grandparents in a child's life, and our firm will exhaust every resource and strategy in order to provide you with a victory that may grant some rights to see your grandchild. We have successfully brought grandparents and grandchildren together in our 100 years of combined experience; we will continue to fight for the right of all children to have the best possible upbringing.

Contact a grandparents' rights lawyer if you would like to consult a skilled legal professional regarding your grandchildren's visitation and other issues.

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